Stasis: A Reworked World

One of the biggest aspects of the new Stasis scenario mode is the world it’s set in. In Stasis, you’ll find yourself dealing with a world that didn’t rebuild itself – it just got worse.

I’ve had fun reworking some of the distinct locations in Sheltered. The main design point for these has been “how would they appear years after the original game?”

I’ve posted a few examples of some of the backgrounds you’ll be seeing in Stasis. There are plenty more to come.

Acid rain

Working on the new scenario modes for Sheltered is proving to be very fun. Stasis in particular has been a riot.

We’ve just implemented acid rain, which is extremely dangerous to your characters. So dangerous in fact that it requires a new hazmat suit entirely!

(Please note, all screenshots are a work in progress, and not an example of the finished product)

Introducing Paul Speed


Paul Speed is the latest addition to the Unicube team. He has a great knowledge of Unity and programming, though has many other skills that he can contribute to development.

Now, a little bit about Paul:

Favorite current game:

Stardew Valley

Favorite old game:

Final Fantasy 7

Favorite food:

Pub grub.

Favorite programming language:


Favorite book:

A Song of Ice and Fire

Favorite Film:


Favorite T.V Show:

Game of Thrones

Introducing Axl Doyle.


Axl is one of the new members of Unicube, and has already shown a solid understanding of the structure of Sheltered’s code. He’s implementing new features rapidly, and is going to make an excellent addition to our team.

Now, a little bit about Axl:

Favorite current game:

Too many to list. I flutter between them.

Favorite old game:

I dunno. I like loads.

Favorite food:

Asian food.

Favorite programming language:


Favorite book:

A Scanner Darkly by Phillip K. Dick.

Favorite Film:

Pineapple Express or Unbreakable.

Favorite T.V Show:




Hello, world!

Some exciting things are happening inside Unicube at the moment, and we’re happy to announce the team has expanded. We’ve taken on two new employees, both of which are fairly local to us. This means the speed with which we can bugfix Sheltered and add new features has increased.

Also, thisĀ is our first blog post, and hopefully the first of many to come!