Stasis: A Reworked World

One of the biggest aspects of the new Stasis scenario mode is the world it’s set in. In Stasis, you’ll find yourself dealing with a world that didn’t rebuild itself – it just got worse.

I’ve had fun reworking some of the distinct locations in Sheltered. The main design point for these has been “how would they appear years after the original game?”

I’ve posted a few examples of some of the backgrounds you’ll be seeing in Stasis. There are plenty more to come.


The next update will now include shelter inhabitants entering a brief period of unconsciousness before they die. This state is reached when the character takes damage that would normally kill them, either from combat or illnesses.

In order to revive the unconscious member before they slip away into the eternal abyss you will have to have a fully charged defibrillator ready to zap them back to life. The defibrillator can be unlocked by playing through the new surrounded game mode, so giving it a play through will be extremely beneficial as you can now avoid the death of your characters. Also there’s no need to worry about power being out as the defibrillator will hold its charge for a brief period, this is handy when you are in a sticky situation.

Recipe and Upgrade Pinning System

Sheltered has a large quantity of items, which makes remembering what you need on an expedition quite a challenge. We’ve noticed some players work around this issue by making notes on their phone or on a piece of paper, which they then compare against the loot they find out in the wasteland.

To help rectify this issue we’ve started work on adding in a pinning system to the crafting and upgrade panels. This will allow you to pin a recipe or upgrade which will then display a marker on the items you require to craft it. Once you have acquired the correct number of items, the marker will then disappear. If two recipes or upgrades both require the same item, the marker on the specific item will not disappear until you have enough of it for both.

If all goes well this feature should be added into update 1.7 and will work on Surrounded, Stasis and the original Survival game mode.

Welcome to the land of the mutants!

Unless you’re counting the glow of radiation, you could argue the future of the wasteland is not very bright. End times are upon us, with mutants popping up all over the wasteland at an alarming rate. It is advised not to approach them as this will almost certainly result in confrontation!


In Stasis you’ll find that not even the surface of your shelter is safe any more. Hordes of mutants will pass by at random intervals attacking any family members in their path. They’ll also relentlessly attack the shelter whenever the opportunity arises. With it being only a matter of time before the mutants overrun the world, what hope is there left for our unfortunate family?

From the Desk of Dr. Doyle

Stasis Cryogenic Facilities, Inc. (SCF) is a newcomer within the industry, however we are striving to compete with the best in the business by delivering the highest standard of cryogenic storage facilities available. Do not be fooled, this facility is about more than storage. With every addition we are preserving the hopes, dreams and spirit of the human race.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Doyle,

Embryonic Preservation Specialist.

Acid rain

Working on the new scenario modes for Sheltered is proving to be very fun. Stasis in particular has been a riot.

We’ve just implemented acid rain, which is extremely dangerous to your characters. So dangerous in fact that it requires a new hazmat suit entirely!

(Please note, all screenshots are a work in progress, and not an example of the finished product)

Update 1.7 Progress

Hey folks, Paul here. I’m one of the three programmers currently working on Sheltered. I’ve created this post to update you all on what’s currently happening with Sheltered, but before I begin as a side note, I want to add that since everything I discuss here is still in development, nothing is final. It’s likely that features will be modified or even removed as development progresses.

Early June we posted news on the Steam forums that update 1.7 would arrive soon. So as a lot of you have rightly asked, where is it? Firstly we’d like to apologise for the delay, we had every intention of having the update released in a timely manner. We also would like to apologise for the lack of any real updates from the team since announcing 1.7.

So to answer the question posed, there are two main reasons why the update is not currently live. As our lead artist Sonny has already stated, one of the reasons is due to the team currently working on another project that is related to Sheltered. Although we’re not currently ready to discuss what that is, all will be revealed in due time. The second reason is development of the update did not go as smoothly as we’d hoped. Some features have been cut or greatly modified to ensure that they contribute to the game in a meaningful way. This will be very evident when you compare the original images we posted to the update when its released.

As the update posted in June shows, we’re introducing two new game modes. The one I’m going to discuss today is Surrounded which involves a family of three finding an abandoned Shelter. The father of the family sets off to find supplies, leaving the mother and son behind. The main goal of the game mode is to survive 50 days in the shelter. Once complete, the player is awarded a score based off of many different factors which we hope will encourage re-playability and some light competitiveness between you all :). One criticism we’ve seen in the forums is that the main game is a little too random at times. For that reason, we’ve removed a lot of the random elements from this game mode. This also means that the final scores will be biased more towards skill and strategy versus RNG luck.

During the 50 days, the shelter will be repeatedly attacked by a local group of individuals that are intent on evicting the family. We’ve added in a cut scene manager to the game which will add a story element that will explain this more in-depth.


Back in update 1.6 we also added in the ability to equip characters for breach combat, however we’ve now gone a step further and added in the ability to add a second character to the battle. We’ve found this makes the battles more interesting and adds a new layer of strategy that 1v1 combat didn’t provide.


We are also currently in the process of adding in the ability to equip items before a breach battle so that they can also be used during the encounter. These changes will bring breach encounters more inline with those outside the shelter. We also plan to add these improvements to the main game as well.

Since the father is not controllable and the remaining family members have been tasked to remain within the Shelter, we have removed the radio. Although this didn’t really present a problem originally, after multiple playthroughs we now feel that we need to add something to fill the void of the missing radio and break up the gameplay a little more. The team has a few ideas which we’ll discuss in a later update. This is one of the issues I was referring to previously that has added to the delay.

So to summarise, we don’t want to release the update until we’re all satisfied that they add to the game in a meaningful way, so we’ll continue to explore different ways in which to achieve this. For that reason we can’t provide an accurate time frame. Just rest assured that the more time we spend on it, the better it will be. As for the other game mode Stasis, we’re adding some really cool features which will be unique to that mode. These will be discussed in a later update. Again, apologies to all of you that are patiently awaiting the update.


Introducing Paul Speed


Paul Speed is the latest addition to the Unicube team. He has a great knowledge of Unity and programming, though has many other skills that he can contribute to development.

Now, a little bit about Paul:

Favorite current game:

Stardew Valley

Favorite old game:

Final Fantasy 7

Favorite food:

Pub grub.

Favorite programming language:


Favorite book:

A Song of Ice and Fire

Favorite Film:


Favorite T.V Show:

Game of Thrones

Introducing Axl Doyle.


Axl is one of the new members of Unicube, and has already shown a solid understanding of the structure of Sheltered’s code. He’s implementing new features rapidly, and is going to make an excellent addition to our team.

Now, a little bit about Axl:

Favorite current game:

Too many to list. I flutter between them.

Favorite old game:

I dunno. I like loads.

Favorite food:

Asian food.

Favorite programming language:


Favorite book:

A Scanner Darkly by Phillip K. Dick.

Favorite Film:

Pineapple Express or Unbreakable.

Favorite T.V Show: