The ghost Bug

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    On my sheltered game that I got from steam, I do believe I’m experiencing a bug. I’m not totally sure about what happened, but I’ve narrowed things down to this;

    Two characters died at the same time. One of which was on a ladder, the other just walking around. Both were on automic for taking care of their needs– The one not on a ladder acted normally, dying, producing a body, and no longer being able to be selected. The other one, on a ladder who just stood there after death. I couldn’t select her, I don’t know if her death affected the psyche of the other characters, but having her there didn’t, and still doesn’t affect them with trauma or stress like a corpse would.

    For the longest time, she didn’t do anything but stand there, I’ve restarted my game several times over and she was still there. She wouldn’t get hungry, thirsty, or anything. After a while of just ignoring her, she started to move around. This character now uses beds, eats food, drinks water and takes care of her other needs, but I still can’t select her, nor does she show up when I press e or q. This is rather difficult for the somewhat difficult custom game I set for myself. Is there a way to fix this?

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