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    Prey is a very intelligent video game. From the first moment it makes you see it as the Frankenstein monster, made from pieces of other video games that you have already completed in the past. It makes you believe that you are already above the mobile game app developers, but soon it shows you that things are not like that at all and that you are their prey.

    This is where 3D games comes into action. We hold out your hand and help you anticipate the traps and enemies that await you in Talos 1.

    You can pin the enemies, and attack by surprise
    The first aid kits and foods that regenerate health are not abundant in the space station, so sometimes it is better to avoid confrontations or ensure you start them with advantage.

    For example, the mimics are transformed into nearby objects to set you up as an ambush. If you get to a room where there are several objects that are the same or placed in a strange or suspicious way , try to hit them with a wrench, maybe you’ll take them off before you start.

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