Recipe and Upgrade Pinning System

Sheltered has a large quantity of items, which makes remembering what you need on an expedition quite a challenge. We’ve noticed some players work around this issue by making notes on their phone or on a piece of paper, which they then compare against the loot they find out in the wasteland.

To help rectify this issue we’ve started work on adding in a pinning system to the crafting and upgrade panels. This will allow you to pin a recipe or upgrade which will then display a marker on the items you require to craft it. Once you have acquired the correct number of items, the marker will then disappear. If two recipes or upgrades both require the same item, the marker on the specific item will not disappear until you have enough of it for both.

If all goes well this feature should be added into update 1.7 and will work on Surrounded, Stasis and the original Survival game mode.